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(Photo) King Cobra

Escaped king cobra on the loose in Orlando, Fla., wildlife officials say

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said Wednesday they were searching for an 8-foot-long king cobra snake that escaped in Orlando.

8:37 p.m.  

Some Galveston streets flood during heavy rainfall

El Nino effects are already severe and may get worse

"The force of the water that's being let out and how deep and wide it is in areas that I've never seen water in," Oklahoma Gov.

Paul Daugherty and his daughter Jillian

Sportswriter pens beautiful wedding-day letter to his daughter with Down Syndrome

Paul Daugherty, a sports columnist at the Cincinnati Enquirer , isn’t just a sports writer. More popular and trending stories For his daughter Jillian, who has Down Syndrome, Daugherty penned a note as she prepared for her June wedding.

  Attorney: Dayton police need sensitivity training

City apologizes for officer in 'eye contact' traffic stop

City leaders issued an apology and will launch an investigation into a Dayton police officer’s traffic stop for making “direct eye contact.

8:24 p.m.  

NFL football - generic

6 things the NFL will do to game-day footballs

The NFL has published its current rules for preparing footballs for games. Here’s a synopsis of the six regulations: More popular and trending stories Both teams are required to provide 24 footballs — 12 primary and 12 back-up balls - to officials, who will inspect them and record the PSI measurement of each ball.