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Ballot boxes

'Registrarse para votar' Google searches hit all-time high during debate

Google searches for the Spanish phrase “registrarse para votar,” which means “register to vote” hit an all-time high during the presidential debate Monday night, with more than 200,000 searches.

Trooper trumps HOV lane cheater

Trooper trumps carpool lane cheater

A Washington state trooper may have done a double take before pulling over a driver in Auburn on Tuesday morning.

30-foot anaconda

Brazilian construction workers find 30-foot anaconda

Brazilian construction workers were blown away when a slithering serpent wound up on their site. The snake was reportedly 33 feet long and weighed nearly 900 pounds.

grandpa does wife's hair

Grandma's selfie of husband doing her hair is proof of true love

Perhaps true love does exist. >> Read more trending stories After having surgery on her wrist Amy Pennington’s grandmother was unable to do her hair, so her husband helped.

New York firefighter dies when suspected drug house explodes, 6 others injured

New York firefighter killed when suspected drug house explodes; 20 others injured

A New York City firefighter died and more than a dozen others were injured Tuesday morning when a suspected drug den exploded while authorities were responding to a report of a gas leak.