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Rare two-headed shark has even rarer offspring

A sawtail catshark in the Mediterranean is making headlines in the science world. Scientists from Spain say they've discovered the first case of a two-headed shark developing in an egg-laying shark species, National Geographic reported.

Norah and Dan

Girl sparks friendship with lonely man at grocery store, helps him heal after losing wife

Norah Wood, 4, just happened to say hello to 82-year-old Dan Petersen in a grocery store one afternoon.

Chicago Cubs teammates

MLB's Cubs and Indians fight on Twitter over weather delays

After the Cleveland Indians won Game 1 of the World Series 6-0 against the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday, MLB announced Wednesday’s Game 2 would be moved up to 7 p.

Oregon license plate styles

Couple with last name Trump say drivers are upset over their license plate

A Tualatin, Oregon, couple never thought their last name on their license plate would make their lives miserable during this year’s election.

Ohio Busses

School audit finds bus drivers using buses for personal use in Ohio

An internal audit of Dayton Public Schools’ operations department in Dayton, Ohio, revealed that employees are misusing district vehicles and taking inappropriately long lunches.