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Martin Blackwell

Man sentenced to 40 years for pouring boiling water on gay couple

The man who poured boiling water on a same-sex couple because he didn’t approve of the relationship was sentenced to 40 years in prison Wednesday afternoon.

Sap accidenet

Man gets angry about tree sap on car, cuts down tree that falls on apartment, police say

A Pennsylvania man was arrested Monday after police said he got into a fight with a neighbor after returning to an apartment property a few days after he cut down a tree, which fell on the building and forced five people out of a home.

Midland Painted Turtle

Large turtle killed by M-80 firecrackers; 3 charged

Police in Pennsylvania arrested two adults and a 17-year-old on Wednesday after they allegedly used a pair of firecrackers to blow up a large turtle earlier this month.

Eiffel Tower

French tourism declines amid fears of terrorism

France is facing potentially more than $1 billion in lost revenue this year because of huge declines in tourism.


7 marijuana myths you may believe are true

To toke or not to toke; that has become the question across the United States as attitudes about marijuana use continue to shift and cities and states determine whether to decriminalize the drug.