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Tesla Model S

Tesla driver killed in crash while using autopilot

For the first time ever, a car driving with autopilot was involved in a deadly crash. Tesla announced that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating a fatal crash involving a Model S car.

Jungle Jim’s to offer first-ever Buckeye Beer Bash

Why your favorite craft brewers are selling out to big beer

Craft brewers — we think of them as the sanctuaries from the Budweisers and Millers of the world.

Gulf beaches

Headed to the Gulf Coast? Check for beach advisories about dangerous bacteria first

If you're planning a Gulf Coast vacation this summer, don't forget to check for beach advisories about dangerous Enterococci bacteria before you take a dip.

Dog plays outside

Dogs banned from Phoenix mountain hiking trails during heat wave

Think it’s hot? Imagine how you'd feel if you were covered in fur and perspired through your tongue.

Wild parsnip

Gardeners, beware this weed that can burn skin

The delicate yellow flowers may look pretty, but don’t dare touch them without gloves. Wild parsnip, also known as poison parsnip, is a common weed found in prairies, fields and along the roadside and bike trails.