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For Trump, health comments underscore new discipline

Here are the controversial things Donald Trump has said

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is known for speaking his mind, even when it gets him in trouble.

Cop comforts boy at school

Police officer comforts boy having bad day at school

When a little boy laid on the ground in a moment of frustration, a police officer didn’t hesitate to lay down beside him to talk it out.

stolen van gogh

Stolen Van Goghs found after 14 years

A pair of priceless art works painted by Vincent Van Gogh stolen 14 years ago were recovered during a raid on an Italian farmhouse, Naples' chief public prosecutor said Friday.


Ben Affleck, Matt Damon argue over Tom Brady, but it's for charity

We know they are all friends, but it’s probably safe to say that until now, we never realized the depth of this man crush.

Rumors of naughty clown capers annoy actual clowns, police

Rumors of naughty clown capers annoy actual clowns, police

When Doug Griffin lost his job in 2008, he turned his 25-year hobby of acting as Feel N. Lucky the Happy Hobo Clown into a full-time laughmaker.