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Winston Vargas

Florida man hid cameras in room rented to students, police say

A man in Miami Beach, Florida, landed in jail Tuesday night after he was accused of hiding cameras in a room he rented out to foreign students.

ryan cameron mugshot

Man in jail after biting girlfriend and trying to rip out her tongue

A startling image of a woman with a severely bruised face as she lies in a hospital bed is being spread across social media to raise awareness about abuse.

Waffle House

Serial robber targeting Waffle House customers in Georgia

Waffle House restaurants in Coweta, Fayette and Clayton counties south of Atlanta were targeted by what police are calling a serial robber.


Rare two-headed shark has even rarer offspring

A sawtail catshark in the Mediterranean is making headlines in the science world. Scientists from Spain say they've discovered the first case of a two-headed shark developing in an egg-laying shark species, National Geographic reported.

Norah and Dan

Girl sparks friendship with lonely man at grocery store, helps him heal after losing wife

Norah Wood, 4, just happened to say hello to 82-year-old Dan Petersen in a grocery store one afternoon.