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Father charged after autistic daughter dies in sweltering RV

A Nevada father is facing charges after police said his daughter died in a scorching hot RV without power or running water while he, his girlfriend and their dog stayed at a hotel.

Luggage on cart

Leave the planning to them: Company chooses, plans your vacation

If you just gotta get away, but don't have the brain power to plan, or even choose a destination, then there's a new service that's just for you.

jc pearson

Homeless hairdresser gives free haircuts to people in need

J.C. Pearson II is homeless, and though he doesn’t have much in terms of material possessions, he has plenty to give.

Dog licks

Deadly dog kisses: Woman nearly dies after pet-spread infection

Dog owners normally don't worry if their dogs give them a quick lick. But you may want to give a doggie's kiss a second thought.


You're right, many millennials aren't adults ... yet

The U.S. Census bureau just confirmed what many Gen X'ers and older have been thinking: millennials are still not adults, at least when it comes to hitting their adult milestones.